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Top 10 Kawaii Valentines Picks!

It’s officially February! Which means only 2 weeks ’til Valentines Day, where ya get some free fancy shit of ya lover lover, scoff too much chocolate and then get laid… basically. But ya obvs wanna be lookin’ fly for all that shit, so we’ve brought you our Top 10 Kawaii Valentines Day Picks to help ya out! Don’t break too many hearts babe ;), love ya! XOXO

house of cards, helen dress, red, ruffle, valentines,

HOUSE OF CARDS Red Ruffle Helen Dress | $190

Our FAVE lil red, heart stoppin’ dress of the season!

nailed it, dripping blood false nails, valentines nails, red,

NAILED IT Hand Painted Dripping Blood False Nails | $10

Nails to rip hearts out with ofc.

sugarbaby, pink, heartstomper platform boots,

Sugarbaby Pink Heartstomper Platform Boots | $85

And boots to trample hearts in.

the end lingerie, piercing, flesh tunnel, navel, black, set,

The End Lingerie Black Flesh Tunnel Bra & Navel Briefs | $110 / $55

Darker take on all the red, lacy lingerie floatin’ around right now. Badass babes, this one’s for you!

neon mfg, heart neon light, valentines,

Neon MFG Heart Neon Light | $135

Cos who don’t want their room lookin’ like the red light district on Valentines!? Mood lightin’ at it’s finest.

red vegan leather, fluffy, heart, choker,

Red Vegan Leather Fluffy Heart Choker | $20

Creepy cute kinky babes eat ya heart out!

ustudio, cat valnetines card, youre purrfect, kawaii

uStudio You’re Purrfect Cat Valentines Card | $4.50

It’s got a cat on it. Nuff said.

kawaiikave, black red, devil horn hair clips, valentines day, kawaii

KawaiiKave Black & Red Devil Horn Hair Clips | $6.50

For the horny devils… obvs.

adolescent clothing, you suck less than most people, boyfriend tee, valentines,

Adolescent Clothing ‘You Suck Less Than Most People’ Boyfriend Tee | $27

When he’s still a pain in the ass, but he’ll do.

bodyline japan, heart, neko, maid, cosplay, dress, set,

Bodyline Japan Heart Neko Maid Cosplay Set | $17

This is just literally everything we love rolled into one TBH.

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